Virgo Galaxy Cluster Observation List

Adam Kirk
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This is a Sky Safari 5 Observation List for the brightest 30 Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies.

Use it to organise your own observation session or even to control your goto telescope to center each object first time.

Simply download the file on the device you have Sky Safari installed on. For example, it Sky Safari is on your iPad, you need to download this file on your iPad. If it's on a Mac, download the file on your Mac.

Right click or tap the file and select 'open with / in Sky Safari' and the list will be there for you.

You can then set it up to show objects by brightness, rise/set time, right ascension, etc. 

Tap/click on each object to check it off when you've discovered it and to add your own observing notes.

This list contains 30 separate galaxies for you to find AND a separate observation file just for Markarian's Chain. They range in brightness from 8th magnitude M49 to 11th magnitude NGC4550.

Use this list and Sky Safari 5 to find them all from your backyard!

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Virgo Galaxy Cluster Observation List

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